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Sharing of Information

Social media is taking over everything in our lives. Everything we do, we share on one or more platform of social media.  But are we setting ourselves up for our own downfall, giving criminals access to our lives?


For example – that brand new car you got, or the big shiny ring he bought you…. what about your brand new Apple Mac? All is shared on your social media pages for your friends to see, but who else is watching?


How many of us “check in” on Facebook with a post about how we are on the airport going away to some or other destination and we even mention “10 days of pure bliss” or “2 weeks well deserved holiday”.


The sad truth – there are criminals scanning the social media pages looking for exactly these types of people who willingly divulge information about their lives. That privacy setting that you enabled, is no barrier for a cyber-criminal. So, what do they know? They know who you are / what you own / where you are / how long you will be away.  How do they know it?  Because you told them! Getting your address is a minor detail for a seasoned criminal. You set up a shopping list for the criminals and give them time and opportunity to strike. It is nice to share information and allow people get a sneak peak of your lives – but remember, it is not always only your friends that are watching! Be careful of what information you share.


Article by Erika Lichtenstein


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