The Legacy MY POLICY mobile APP is an easy-to-use mobile service that put the control of insurance in the hands of the policy holder. It is designed for policy holders to access an array of customised services and benefits

To name just a few, they can access the following any time, anywhere

  • Register any type of claim
  • Confirm their claims history
  • Obtain information regarding all their insured items contained in their policies.
  • Get premium and payment information
  • Request and create specific documents
  • Request and create their own policy schedule
  • Change bank details or request a re-debit
  • Request items to be added or amended to their policy.
  • Change the value of their motor vehicle

The Legacy MY POLICY mobile APP has also been designed to assist the broker with the compliance of TCF and more specifically:

  • TCF Outcome 2: The MY POLICY APP has been developed with the policyholder in mind. Our app enables them to have direct access to their information, therefore meeting the policyholders’ need for prompt service delivery.
  • TCF Outcome 5: The MY POLICY APP allows the policyholder immediate access to their policy details and claims which meet the high standards set for acceptable service delivery.
  • TCF Outcome 6: Policyholders can now eliminate various barriers by submitting their claims via the MY POLICY APP.

Our brokers are kept informed of every step taken on the app by the client and can intervene, or assist whenever they want to provide clients with additional information.

We make insurance convenient and stress-free for our brokers and empower clients to deal directly with their insurance needs – thus making it more convenient for them, whilst unlocking more potential for our brokers!

Use the Legacy App now.