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Insurance Policy Administration and Claims Management…the way it should be done!

Legacy Underwriting Managers offer comprehensive commercial and personal insurance solutions. We are FAIS (Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services) certified and proud members of SAUMA (South African Underwriting Managers Association). As part of these organisational bodies, we are bound by a very strict code of ethics and conduct, and as a company built on integrity with a strong moral code, we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Our creed is honesty and fairness in all transactions. And this is made abundantly clear within our underwriting systems, software and digital automated processes where we’ve paid extra attention to insurance policy administration rules and guidelines.

Our reputation precedes us, and that is why we have built business relationships with some of the biggest names within the insurance industry.

Broker Policy Administration Legacy Services

Insurance Admin Systems

Our long-standing partnership with these companies spans over decades, and they as well as our clients are the driving force behind our innovative insurance admin system.

We have dedicated decades to insurance claims management and insurance claims administration that is made more effective and efficient by our insurance admin system. Our systems and software is developed to simplify and streamline broker policy and claims administration. Legacy Underwriting Managers value our client relationships and pride ourselves on the fact that we can offer you high quality portfolio management.

With our forward-thinking and innovative insurance systems and processes, we can offer you the best within insurance claims management and insurance claims administration. Our systems and software allows for claims automation, which means you spend less money, less time and less energy worrying and wondering about the state of your policy portfolio and more time reaping the benefits of working with our highly-skilled team.

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Broker Policy and Claims Administration

Our brokers are empowered by our technical innovation which includes the most advanced computer system, services and digital communication available within the insurance industry today.

What can Legacy Underwriting Managers do for you?

  • Our service centre will transact all/any requests by you and your clients, IMMEDIATELY.
  • All correspondence is sent and made available to both policy holders as well as brokers – keeping all parties involved and up to date.
  • Brokers can follow all underwriting and claim processes in real time.
  • Monthly reports are made available containing all details and information regarding renewals, unpaid premiums, portfolio claims statistics, policies that’s about to lapse and much more.
  • Our staff are competent professionals with years of experience in the insurance industry. They are proficient in gathering all relevant information, underwriting, the receiving, management and completion of claims as well as marketing analysis.
  • Our team understands and keeps up to date with market trends, and they are skilled in adapting along with changing client needs and requirements.
Claims Automation

Claims Automation

We are dedicated to our clients and committed to customer service and technological innovation; our success is your success. We aspire to be the market leaders in recognising and understanding our clients’ insurance needs and requirements, empowering our brokers with the best insurance admin system and claims automation and providing policyholders with quality products and services. We can definitely tick that off your bucket list! Get in contact with one of our experts today.

We know what our Legacy is; what’s yours?

We ensure insurance is done the RIGHT way!

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